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The Celebrity Stillness Icon Challenge
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The Stillness idea was all quebelly's.

Moderated By: jacklove and islaya85
Banner Creator: islaya85, nastey

Rules on Submitting Icons
1. Your submissions should not be animated in any way.
2. You must be a member to enter a challenge
3. DO NOT vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you.
4. Your submission must stay anonymous. That means you cannot use it anywhere, that includes posting it. That includes your friends knowing about it (refers to Rule 3)
5. The icon must be suited to fit LJ Size limits. That means Less the 40KB, 100x100 or smaller and it must be either .jpg, .png or .gif.
6. You must comment with your icons on the post that the base/picture is placed. It will be screened which means only you and I may see it.
7. You may do blending but NOT with outside pictures. If you do, you submission will be ignored. (however on rare occasions you will be allowed to chose any pictures for the submission)
8. You will need a host. Either something like Photobucket. When commenting with the icon, you need to put both the icon and the URL of it on the comment. Like such:

please DO NOT take this icon

Rules for Voting
1. You do not have to be a member to vote.
2. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
3. DO NOT vote for yourself. It will not be counted.
4. All you have to do is vote for your three favourite icons, like such:


Timeline(This is all in AEST)

Challenges Started: Saturday; 8PM
Challenges Finished: Friday; 7.30 PM
Voting Time: Friday; 8 PM- Saturday; 8 PM
Winners Announced: Saturday; 8.30 PM


There will be four placings.
1st: Pretty Understandable, you get first
2nd: Pretty Understandable, you get second
3rd: Pretty Understandable, you get third
Mod's Choice: Pretty Understandable, we as the Mods choose our favourite.

Previous Challenges:

Week 1: Jude Law
Week 2: Kiera Knightly
Week 3: Clive Owen
Week 4: Valentines Day Special - couples
Week 5: Orlando Bloom
Week 6: Natalie Portman
Week 7: Rachel Bilson
Week 8: Heath Ledger
Week 9: Liv Tyler
Week 10: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Week 11: Jennifer Garner
Week 12: Jake Gyllenhaal
Week 13: Royalty
Week 14: Kate Winslet
Week 15: Viggo Mortensen
Week 16: Nicole Kidman
Week 17: Hayden Christensen
Week 18: Avril Lavigne
Week 19: Jesse McCartney
Week 20: Kate Bosworth
Week 21: Sean Bean
Week 22: Alexis Bledel
CURRENT: Ioan Gruffudd



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