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Since we've had a lull in participation lately, I'd like to boost the numbers of people participating. Therefore, we are going to have a pimping challenge. Normal icon challenges will continue as regularly scheduled throughout the challenge.

Tell your friends/family/cat about the community, and send them to this post. After they've JOINED and watched the comm, they can comment here telling me who sent them. Everyone that gets 3 or more people to join gets something, but the top winner gets an extra something.
If your friends want to join and jump straight on the pimping wagon, great! They're eligible for prizes too.
DO NOT PIMP TO COMMUNITIES, unless you OWN it. I don't want grief about spam coming back to me. If I find out you've pimped in a non-pimping comm, you will be disqualified.

3 friends joined = 1 icon made by me, any fandom, any style.
WINNER = banner made by me, set of color codes for customizing your journal, matching icon (all for any fandom in any style), and Your Pick of The Next Actor/Actress, with an optional second week at a later date if you enjoy it.
(All art will be shareable. Sorry folks.)

Challenge will run until Feburary 5th: That's two weeks from today. Prizes will be posted within two weeks of that, with any luck. :P

So please you guys, pimp this out! I understand that everyone's busy, but don't let this comm die. I know contests aren't dead entirely yet.

*Rules subject to change or addendum.
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